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Photo Gallery I

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Welcome to the Caledonian Retriever Club Photographic Gallery!

By way of introduction, each page contains three separate sub-sections typically containing up to around a dozen small pictures known in webmaster parlance as thumbnails. Positioning the mouse over any single thumbnaill and clicking on it willl automatically prompt a larger view of the picture. Not only that, but movement of the mouse on the larger image will produce 'handles' on the left and right permitting you to move through the photographs of that section without need for individual selection from the main page. As usual. the big 'X' in the top right hand side closes the selection and returns you to the main page and permits you to select another section of the page or movement to another page. The web site has been built in this fashion to allow those with slower and more limited Internet access or older computers to have easy browsing with minimal 'buffering' and waiting time. Enjoy!  
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Section 3
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